While Washtenaw County has the largest percentage of residents with a college degree in the state of Michigan (61%), we believe this is because a number of public and private colleges and universities call Washtenaw their home. However, for students growing up in Washtenaw, the path to college access and attainment is challenging and difficult. 

The majority of our students understand that college is part of their future, but only 51% who enroll in college complete a degree or credential within 6 years. Students need social, academic, and financial support from our community to succeed.

Together, partners of Washtenaw Futures share accountability for the following priorities and will work together to impact the following indicators.


More students will graduate from high school inspired and ready for college and/or career:

More students will enroll and complete post-secondary training:


Decrease achievement gaps for key demographic populations:


Data by sub-population not yet available.